Wednesday, December 15, 2004

statement of purpose (full text)

statement of purpose

to create a nexus for exchange of conscious and unconscious thought
to catalyze ripples of change throughout the collective unconscious (and beyond!)
to transcend barriers of language and culture and communicate universally
to inspire awareness and acceptance of the sacred mystery of human divinity
to invent and promote a new cosmology
to prepare every willing mind to

to create a nexus:

a globally accessible website is the next best medium of exchange
to universal telepathy (which would certainly have its drawbacks)
for sharing dreams and visions. the internet itself is a global dream
dreamed by multitudes and realized by computers.

to catalyze change:

imagine each electronic communication as a line of light
connecting each person to the net of humanity.
then visualize the ganglia of your brain.
let the world influence your dreams.

to transcend barriers:

dream a better world.
send pictures to people who do not speak your language.
communicate in symbols. spread beauty.

to communicate:

if you love something, share it.
if you like something, share it.
if you hate something, share it.
the internet was not meant to isolate.
use it to connect, or don't use it -
just go outside and talk to somebody.

to inspire awareness of human divinity:

we may or may not be, as you may or may not be
buddhists, heathens, christians or atheists.
we do not claim to have all the answers, although we do claim to have some!
we do not claim that all of our ideas are original.
we do not claim that human beings are more advanced
than other life forms, known and unknown, terrestrial and extra-terrestrial.
we do claim that human beings are amazing creatures with untapped potential.
we salute the divinity within you!

to invent a new cosmology:

2000 years of christianity. isn't it time for a change?
after thousands of years of evolution,
hundreds of prophets shouting, whispering, begging,"WAKE UP!"
we say: be wide awake when you are awake
dream when you sleep
live the dreams you want to live when you awaken.
question everything and welcome the answers you get.
what is our cosmology? a mystery, a many-faceted thing,
a projection through multiple panes of colored glass,
a multimedia hypertext under construction.
you may come away with a sense of it after you explore this site and its links,
you may experience the whole in a blinding flash of inspiration,
or you may take in just what you want and leave the rest.

to prepare:

do you have eyes in the back of your head?
can you hear with your fingertips?
can you think in any language at will?
accept your incompleteness and your incomplete awareness of the universe.
get ready to evolve!


"If the doors of perception were cleansed
everything would appear to man as it is: Infinite."
-from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake


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