Monday, September 20, 2004

ye olde SCU link list

this is even more out of date and incomplete and in need of expansion than the bibliography. so many web pages, so little time... of course, anything not currently live may possibly be found at!

Please feel free to link to us at
and submit your link to us...

Dream Links
Get your dreams interpreted and more at Myths-Dreams-Symbols
Australian Aboriginal Art

Visionary Links
Co-Masonry - Masonry for Men and Women
Association for Consciousness Exploration (A.C.E.)
The Mushroom Speaks
Erowid Sacred Mushroom Vault
Robert Anton Wilson
Participate in Pronoia, the antidote to paranoia
Experience LEVITY
Evolve in the Deoxyribonucleic Autonomous Zone
Be confused by HyperDiscordia
Principia Discordia
Make Your Own Conspiracy Theory
The Web of Conspiracy
Rumors Rumors Rumors - Conspiracy Theories
Centre for Conspiracy Culture
The Aleister Crowley Foundation
Blavatsky Net

Jungian Links
The C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles
TCG's Jung Page
The Jung Page
Carl Jung Anthology
C. G. Jung, Analytical Psychology, and Culture

Theoretical Links
Chaos Theory
Make your own Fractals with the Fractal Microscope
Holographic Universe
Grand Unified Theory
String Theory: The Theory of Everything
Superstrings and fundamental theory
Quantum Physics
Game Theory

Alchemical and Philosophical Links
The Alchemy Web Site
Visit ancient Alexandria
Be encouraged by Mythopoeia
Learn about Renaissance Science
and remarkable historical figures like Giordano Bruno

Churchy Links (Resources and Religious and Spiritual Communities)
Non-Profit Resource Center
Non-Profit Incorporators Home Page
Unitarian Universalist Association
CUUPS - Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, Inc.
Church Administration Materials (Christian site with general info)

Misc. Links of Interest
Synchronize your clock at National Institute of Standards and Technology Time and Frequency Division
Experience the esoteric wisdom and beauty of Obsidian magazine
Receive a compliment from The Surrealist Compliment Generator
Get your free astrological chart
or try a tarot or i ching reading
Fantasize at Ancient Sites
Take the quiz and find out if you're a Real Vampire


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